Transfer Verisign Digital Signature to New PC

Hello to All -

Helping a friend setup his new computer, and we have everything pretty much setup except we can't figure out how to transfer his Verisign digital signature to the new machine. Thanks for your help!

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i assume you have windows 2000 or newer operating system.

1)go to start | run | type   mmc
2)in mmc, go to   File | Add / Remove Snapin
3)click Add
4)click certificate -> Add
5)click My User Acounts -> Finish
6)Click certificate -> Add again
7)Click My Local Computer -> Finish
8)Click Close -> OK

ok, now you 'll see two tree structure on your left side. what you want to do is to export the certificates under Personal | Certificates

open Personal | Certificate , then right click on the certificate on the right side , All Tasks -> Export. Make sure YES,EXPORT PRIVATE KEY IS SELECTED

Then choose ".PFX" format and select "Enable Strong Protection" (The other two checkboxes are not necessary)

Type a password and filename where you want to save it. the wala!

Do samething for certificates (if any) under the "Certificates - Local Computer" tree in mmc ( Personal | Certificates )

ok now this is for exporting. Then you backup these certificatees, and for importing these later, you do the same thing, except that in mmc, you right click on Personal | Certificates -> All Tasks | Import and point it to the certificate file you saved previously.


Let me know if you need more info.

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Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
If you are using outlook on the old machine just do the following from outlook:

Tools > Options

Select the Security Tab

On the security Tab press the "Import/Export" button

From the Import/Export window select "Export" and choose the digital cert you want to export.

Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
To import follow the same steps but select import from the Import/Export window.
jm8540Author Commented:
Thank you both very much, increased the points to 500 and split.

Appreciate your help,
Thanks !!
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