Chaning all of 1 color to a different color

Is there a way to change one color in a picture, to something else.

So for example, there is a shade of blue in a graphic I want to change. However, it's near impossible for me to select every area it's in. Is there a way for to change one shade of color everywhere it exists?

I'm using CS2.

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well, if it's a blue, you can try going to the blue channel (assuming photo's rgb) and making a selection there... there's also "select color range" and lots of other
You could also try Image->Adjustments->Curves
Play around with the curve for the blue channel only.

If your color is not exactly blue, you could first go to Image->Adjustments->Hue/Saturation and shift the hue such that the color of interest best matches one of the RGB channels and then try Image->Adjustments->Curves.

If there is a selection active, the adjustments of Image->Adjustments->Curves are applied to the selected area only. This way you can roughly select the area of interest and change colors in that area only.
You can use the 'Color Replacement Tool' which is in the same box on the toolbar as 'Healing Brush Tool' and 'Patch Tool' (keyboard shortcut 'J').

This tutorial should give you exactly what you are looking for:

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I didn't know the color replacement tool before, and learned about it by Argblats comment. I think this is definitely the best solution.
I recommend to award the points to Argblat.
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