Legal or regulatory considerations with fault tolerance

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Is there legal or regulatory considerations with fault tolerance systems? I have heard about some regulations with HIPAA but I am not sure if there are specific regulations for fault tolerance systems.
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I used to work for a division of company that was (quite rightly) obsessed with fault-tolerance.  As far as I was aware there were no rules laid down by outside organisations for fault tolerance, unless it impinged on matters of Human Safety.  

However, is something like this helpful:-

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Data compliance regulations tend to be based around data retention on secondary storage rather than fault tolerance; consider a malicious employee deleting sensitive files; redundant disks and dual PSUs won't stop them, only the Write Once Read Many archive and the pile of tapes stored offsite can guarantee the data is not lost for ever.
Jim P.Commented:
I've never heard of any reg's that require fault tolerance.  Maybe in the Nuke industry or something.

But even then I think it would be that you have fault tolerance, but not how.  That starts getting too nebulous because of the sheer number ofmethods of doing it  RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, off-site log shipping, streaming backups, etc.
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