sharing internet on wireless?

How to share internet  on  wirless LAN  thorugh  Access point  in infrastructure  mode.

Is there any way to share thorugh ICS   in i infrastructure mode  thorugh Wifi  if yes will it be secure or is there any other  way to share but in  infrastructure mode  in an hotspot.
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BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
i think that u can configure the internet connection sharing from the AP from the web interface many AP comes with this feature
if not connect the AP to the internet by using any mean and configure a DHCP on the AP , in the DHCP ocnfigure the clients to use the AP as the default gateway
u can use any security methode from the AP option for basic configuration u can use WPA with shared key
for better security u can use WPA/PSK
Just get yourself a hotspot wireless gateway. They're kinda pricey upfront, but should pay off in the longer term.

Here's one made by Dlink:

Another option would be to set up your own RADIUS server and set up the infrastructure to do 802.1X authentication. Here are links to two different products to help you out a bit:

ICS wouldn't be the best option in my opinion. You could have an access point set up to use encryption as busbar mentioned, but if people finds out what your key is, it's like not having security at all. 802.1X would require someone to have usernames and passwords, unless you'd rather have them just click an agreement.

Windows Server has IAS, but I assume you don't want to spend the money on that OS.
pawankkAuthor Commented:
busbar and masnrock  

friends do ICS work with  wirless .. if not then how to share a coonection through AP as I am using  micronet AP's and it  does not have feature for sharing
Well, you can do it that way too if you wanted. But since you said a hotspot, I was just giving you a pretty secure option.

If your computer has 2 NICs in it, you can have one NIC hooked up directly to your internet connection, then have ICS set up to share your connection through the second NIC. Then you'd hook up the access point to the second NIC with most features turned off since I believe ICS has DHCP running by default.

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