search email id ?

I want to get list of email (yahoo, hotmail, gamil,lycos, rediff and others) ids of specific city in india is it  get the email ids to just find out a friend. as i know  he have not made his id  with his name. if possible there any sofwtare to mail all of the list i mean bulk mailing .
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 Are you trying to get a list of emails based on location? or are you trying to make a bulk mail? or are you trying to find a specific persons email address?
pawankkAuthor Commented:
email address based on location.... and mailing them to ...
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Here is the artcle on how to find e-mail addresses, please go though
Yahoo People Search,
Whowhere Lycos should be good pointers.
pawankkAuthor Commented:

i want to  find email adresses with the city  name in india ... all these  helps to find ....all this will not do.. any other option
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