Simple one question survey form

I want to create a simple, one question survey form using Dreamweaver ASP pages, and Access database.
One question with three possible answers such as Yes, No, Maybe, selected by radio button.
The answers are anonymous, therefore no one need login.
I do, however, need an admin backend where someone can go in and change the question, and the three answers.
I am fairly comfortable using Dreamweaver and ASP, but it is the database design I am struggling with.
Any suggestions?
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Jason C. LevineConnect With a Mentor No oneCommented:
Hi Swn-Y-Mor (gaelic?),

There will be two different tables for this:

Table 1: Questions

QuestionID (primary, autoincrement)

Table 2: Answers

AnswerID (primary, autoincrement)

This allows you store past questions and their answers so you can pull things back up at any time.  If the survey is truly one and done, then your Admin just needs to be able to edit Questions and dump data/empty table from Answers.  If you want to store things, then the Admin needs to be able to insert new records to Questions and select Answers by QuestionID and dump the results of the query.
Swn-Y-MorAuthor Commented:
OK, I'm with you so far.
On my ASP page, I would need 2 recordsets. Can I have a page displaying dynamic text from Question Recordset, and also a form to submit answers to Answers Recordset?
Now you're beginning to see why I asked for help!
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Yes, you can do that without any problems.  The page would actually only have one recordset defined (Questions) and when you set up the form, just use the Insert Record behavior to send the answer to Answers.  No need to define a separate recordset for Answers unless you also want to display live survey results on the same page.
Swn-Y-MorAuthor Commented:
Not abandoned, I'm still working with the suggestions
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