Cant Log In in the server after deleting domain controller

I am currently administrating a windows 2003 sever standard edition.
In the begging we didn't have a domain controller. then i create one. Everything worked perfectly but then i decided to delete that one to create a new one.

After deletion was completed i restarted the server.

Now when i try to log in i get the following error

"The system could not log you on. Make sure your User name and domain are correct, then type your password again. Letters in passwords must be types using the correct case."

I Have try Log-ing in with my Administrator password and i cant go trough. I've also try using another administrator password, but i keep getting the same error
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Hi carlospzx,

do you mean you demoted the DC with the intention of promoting it back up? thats the only thing i can make out of your question so ill assume thats what you mean,

do you remember what your local admin password was before you promoted the server to AD

when you say your admin password, are you also using the admin account or are you referring to your user which had admin privleges

carlospzxAuthor Commented:
Hi Jay

I remove the role of DC from my windows 2003 server. After that i cant log in with none of the password with Admin privleges. Not even the administrator account.
when you demoted the server, you should have been given an option to specify a new administrator account yes?

that password does not work at all... bad times!

advice from robwill - smart cookie who i listen to alot...

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carlospzxAuthor Commented:
I did got asked for a Password.
Is that password for the "Administrator" account itself.
Or will it work with my Account with administrative privleges?
carlospzxAuthor Commented:
It worked for the administrator account.
Thanks a Lot!!!
sure will :)

when you demote a DC you have to reset the security in the local SAM which is what that deature of DCPROMO does

thanks for the points :)
carlospzxAuthor Commented:
Bad News.
It worked with Adminsitrator account. But it doesnt with other accounts with administrative privleges.
What should i do to restore all accounts
you can restore all acounts - you have removed them by removing the domain. when you promote the DC backup your old accounts should still be there but at the moment they dont actually exist

you can see what accounts are there under computer management, local users and groups
carlospzxAuthor Commented:
All accounts were wiped out.
I will have to start from the beging

Thanks AnyWay

Please check my other question
when you promote back in you will find the majority of your accounts will be back
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