multiple instance accessing webservices giving error

i have a application which is having a reference to a webservices which also i made.
its working fine.
but when i run multiple instance from different machines at same time it strats giving errors like this

"There is already an open datareader associated with this connection , which must be closed."

i dont understand why this is happending , according to my knowledge both should run as independent threads
How can i solve this issue?


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1 single opened connection can have just 1 open datareader. If you are to serve multiple readers you are needing multiple connections, or use a different approach.
x1877Author Commented:
how can i do this ? on webservice server its only having one connection object . how can i force it to take multiple instance of the connection object in case it is called from different instance?
I assume your connection object is located in your webservice.
You might try to keep your connection alive when needed often.
You might protect being called multiple times with mutexes, but I've never tried them in a webservice. Or you might create a connectionpool and use another connection, in case you're busy.
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x1877Author Commented:
what i want is each time this webservice method is called from different instance of client application, it should create entirly different connection objects, so that the threds will work with out problems. when its running alone the application is running fine.

So, if you want it like that, open/close your database in your webservice method

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x1877Author Commented:
i made the connection object private
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