Run a wired network of 8 computers All systems running Windows XP. Introduced computer running Windows 98 problems ever since

Had a computer in system go down and to enable student to finish his work installed windows 98 computer in his room.  This was installed with the help of NTL technical on a direct line, not through router as NTL will not support network.  Requirement for old computer finished and system reconnected but network will not function. It would appear that we have lost Internet Explorer on all computers, except one that was not reconnected to network.  Broadband system working to one computer but when try to connect to network it will not function.  Router being used is a Linksys BEFSR41 please help as students need their connection.  We are not a college, just a host family to international students.  Is it not possible to run two different operating systems on a network?
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Sure it's possible.  XP and Win98 co-exist on a network just fine.  You clearly have something else wrong here.

1) Are you sure the Win98 system is ok hardware-wise?  A bad network card could certainly be jamming the local network.  What happens when you disconnect it from the network?

2) Why did the Win98 system go down anyway?  That could be the reason.  Perhaps the system didn't really go down and whatever is messing up the network is the real problem.

3) How could IE still work on a system that was "not reconnected to the network?"  IE requires a network connection to access the internet.

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goodwin-walterAuthor Commented:
1) Win 98 computer is completely OK off broadband.  All other programmes Office etc work OK
2)Win (8 system did not go down.  It was a computer with XP that went down.  This was then connected directly to broadband, not through network and worked OK.  When XP computer repaired (FUSE?) Net work reinstated and could not connect to internet.
3) Ntl talked me through reconneccting im computer IP address etc. but when try to connect the one computer that is working to internet through router, NO SUCCESS.  Have followed procedure in manual and all the correct lights appear to be on router.

Thanks for trying to help.
The problem is either at the router or connection sharing level.

Is the router assigning out IP address or are they coming the computer directly connected to broadband?

Even though I know NTL won't support it, I would personally try the approach of running your NTL service to your router from your modem, then connecting your computers that way. (But I'd have to ask first... do you have a USB modem or is it one that can actually connect with an ethernet port? I think in the UK it's primarily USB modems, in which case, you'd instead need a combination modem/router unit.)
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