Any way to change regPoint origin of movieClip AFTER symbol made ?

is there Any way to change the regPoint origin of movieClip AFTER symbol made ?

I have made some movieClips in my library with the regPoint in the upper-left, and I now want to change this to Center-Registration...

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MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
Yes. Double click on it to go into edit mode and move the object in reference to the center point.


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DonelsonAuthor Commented:

It is very complex, because the movieClip I want to re-register is composed of several different items, including another movieClip.

I have to select the items one at a time, and move them to the center point (which is not obvious)...

It works, but it works very poorly and messily.

Isn't there a way to just re-reg the WHOLE movieClip in one go ?

Aneesh ChopraCommented:
Accurate way is..

go inside the movieClip...

if movieClip has multiple object.. unlock/unhide all layers, Press Ctrl+A to select all, press Ctrl+X

If movieClip has only single object... select object, press Ctrl+X.

Press Ctrl+V, it will paste all object in one layer.

Press Ctrl+G, it will group all objects, now we can move.

Open Align window, (press Ctrl+K to open it)

"To Stage:" should be pressed
Press "Align horizontal center" and now Press "Align vertical center".
this will set the regPoint to center..

Now press Ctrl+B, to ungroup all object..

press Ctrl+A to select All, and press Ctrl+D.. this will distribute each item in different layer..

You are done.. now your Movie have accurate regPoint to center..

DonelsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Aneesh.

But wouldn't just having a 3x3 button be easier ? Like in the original "Convert to Symbol..." menu item ?

I certainly understand how to paste everything into one layer, but would NEVER want to do that, as many items are already grouped and ungrouped and layered and unlayered.

Any many of the sub-items should NOT be aligned to each other By Centering.

All I want to do is take the Existing Movie Clip Symbol, and click once to change the reg point.   MACROMEDIA ARE YOU LISTENING ?
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