Error with Yahoo Messenger on Win2k3

Hi experts!
My manhine runs window 2k3 but I don't know the reason why I can't run Yahoo Messenger (all versions of Yahoo Messenger). One month ago, I ran Yahoo Messenger normally with other applications (VS6, Office, ...) on the same OS. After I reinstall my machine, everything changes. Sometimes, Yahoo Messenger can run but I can't set it in Invisible mode. Just after 5 minutes, my status will return Available. Other times, Yahoo messenger can't run with "Don't send" message because of icm32.dll file or the following message:
"YHiddenContentManagerWindow: YahooMessenger.exe - Application Error
        The exception Floating-point division by zero.
        (0x0000008e) occurred in the applicaton at location 0x65e3e2e.
        Click on OK to terminate the program
        Click on CANCEL to debug the program"
I used to ghost back, install new OS, but everything is the same. Sometimes, I replace icm32.dll from WINDOWS/SYSTEM32 of other win2k3 machine, Yahoo Messenger can run again but can't set Invisible.  Those three errors above happen again. I don't know how to solve this problem for a month. Please help me!
I'm waiting for all your reply, it must be helpful for me.
Thank you very much!
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I'm not sure how to fix this, but you might want to switch to an alternative which works with the Yahoo protocol. If interface is important to you, try Trillian, or, if you're an experienced user you migth want to try Miranda IM (highly customisable with themes and that kind of stuff, but you'll need to figure out how which is not that difficult). If you don't mind a bad looking interface but if you're looking for a memory-friendly IM program, try Gaim (don't confuse it with GAIN, which is adware).

All programs mentioned above are free. However, Trillian offers a Pro version.

-> Trillian:
-> Miranda IM:
-> Miranda File Database (for customisation):
-> Gaim:

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nthnhungAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. I tried Trillian some times, but Trillian can't announce that your friends go online or offline. As you said, interface isn't very good :(. Your advice is very useful, I will try others. These links must be good for me.
 But I think that there is someone can give me the real reason or any other solutions. Please let me know if you can. This is a real stuff to me!!!
(start quote) ... but Trillian can't announce that your friends go online of offline. (end quote)

I don't think that's true, go to Preferences and look for something like Notifications. I think there you'll be able to enable that feature.
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nthnhungAuthor Commented:
Thanks elreteipos, I tried using Trillian just some times before and I have ever really gone through it, maybe I was wrong, I will try it tonight and hope that I misunderstood (good point if Trillian can do that).
nthnhungAuthor Commented:
Are there any ideas for my problem? I have tried Trillian now. Elreteipos is right, Trillian can announce my friends go online, offline or change status. But Trillian can't show full name of my friends as my settings in their profile, it just displays nickname, it's very difficult to remember all of nicknames. Another issue, it isn't comfortable to view chat log of Trillian (Message Archive of Yahoo Messenger). But right now, Trillian is one of solutions I chose.
I guess you'll have to get used to the log viewer, it's very easy to use but it needs some time learning how to use it.

Besides, you may want to go to the Trillian support forums if you have questions regarding Trillian. ->
nthnhungAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help, Elreteipos. I haven't got the solution yet, but I think you are deserve to get my mark. I'll try to solve myself for this problem. See you later.
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