Powerful web crawler/spider application

I am looking for the most powerful web crawler program I can find at any cost. I would like to spider a list of websites from a mysql database and return, metas, text, etc, back to the database. I would also like it be able to handle as many different types of docs as possible. Has anyone had good experiences with any of them? I have used a number of freeware versions, but they are far too unstable... many returning only 75% of sites back. If it helps, I don't need to go beyond one page with the crawler either.

Thanks for the input,
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Here's a couple>>

$99.99 - WA Site Import 2.0

$39.95 - SurfOffline 1.4.
30-day Trial period
"If it helps, I don't need to go beyond one page with the crawler either." Try this>>>

$19.90 - iPageSaver 1.0
Free to Try
cbonnockAuthor Commented:
These are not quite what I am looking for...
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