Automatically read specific emails


I recieve a large amount of e-mails from specific sources i use rules to move them to folders within my e-mail account. But what I need to do is get them to be automatically READ once their. But only these e-mails I dont want all e-mails to be Automatically READ

Any Ideas

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DarrenJacksonAuthor Commented:
forgot to say my lotus notes version is 5.011
That's a tough one, and I am not sure it can be accomplished easily.

My suggestion would be to create or use an existing field to "mark" the emails you move into a folder, and then run an agent to see if you can mark them read.

I hope this helps !
DarrenJacksonAuthor Commented:
I have created rules that move these e-mails. I then created an agent to mark all docs in these folders as READ but this is where is seems to not work.
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HI Darren, didn't you ask this question before?  Oh, wait... I remember, you did ask it yesterday, and then deleted it.  After I typed a long reply!! :)  If I recall, you were using R5.0.11

How many folders?  The simple actions in an agent includes marking stuff "READ" for a single folder, so you can create an agent


Name it something distinct like: SCHEDULED-MARK FOLDERNAME READ  (this way if you change or remove the folder you know to disable the agent)

Make it shared
When should it run:  When Documents have been created or modified
Press the SCHEDULE button and at the bottom of the form, select your SERVER where your mail file exists.
Press the ADD SEARCH button, then Drop down the condition arrow and select FOLDER
A list of folders will appear.. select one folder (doesn't work on more than one, sorry)
Click the ADD ACTION button at the bottom of the agent, and select "MARK DOCUMENT READ"
Save and close your agent.

Whether or not it runs depends on your server permissions.  And you would have to repeat the agent for each folder.  I tried adding two or more folders to the select statement, and it didn't run. :(

Only other alternative is a scripted agent that would step through the folders  that you specify.  If you know little about script, then this could be problematic .

Let me know if this is what you need...

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DarrenJacksonAuthor Commented:

First off I apologise for deleting the question but I didnt seem to be getting a response thougth I had worded it wrongly Scared people off.

If you had posted a reply then I would have seen an interest.

But thanking you anyhow for helping me

Will check this out as I have attempted similar but had choosen more than 1 folder which looks like this is my mistake

Yeah, you would think it would run on more than one folder :)   Good luck.
DarrenJacksonAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your support the solution works a treat


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