How do I setup a three computer network using one computer running windows xp pro as a file server.

How do I setup a three computer network using one computer running windows xp pro as a file server.
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gabesoSolution ArchitectCommented:
You buy a hub and connect all three pc's to it: If the hub has dhcp it can give out tcp/ip addresses to the pc's when they switch on.

You can then provide shared folders on one of the machines and the others can read files from it.

Just make sure that every pc is part of the same workgroup.

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It's true that you can use a hub or a switch, however hubs and switches do NOT have DHCP servers. Another thing you could do is to have a router which has a DHCP server built in.

However, the portion on having the XP machine as a "file server", you would simply need to set up file sharing and share out whatever resources you want to share. You'll also want to set up accounts on the machine that match up with the username and password of the users of the other machines in the network. (They have to authenticate to that machine you want to share files)

If you need connectivity to the internet for all machines, get a router. Do you have broadband? That'll make your life much easier if so in terms of setting up this network of yours.
Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

If you want to setup three computer then you must have following hardware and software.

1. all system have the Ethernet card.
2. You must have hub, switch 4 port
3. You have cat 5 cable
4. If you want active directory means user rights then you have one server OS like window 2003 server which nice work on client XP

computer A(XP fire server)----CAt 5 CAble------- - HUB /Switch
                    Computer B --------------------------                  
                    Computer C --------------------------                

You have to connect each through the hub/swith

5. You have to assign each computer ip address
Computer A.
Computer B
Computer c

Make gateway computer A ip

6. You can also use the wireless LAN card its good for smart network
7 without Hub

you have to use cross Cat 5 cable for the connection not streaight cable

                           2LAN b-------cat5 cross-----PC3

The network cards are given the following IP addresses


subnet mask: for all three
Use remote and routing service on pc no 2 for connect pc 1 and 2 here pc 2 is your file server .

I think this help any querry
I would say, even if you don't intend to get a router, and you don't have any equipment yet, get a router anyway.  They cost about the same as a hub or a switch, and routers have a lot more features.

You said that you want to setup one XP computer running as a file server.  I don't know if you would have any interest in this, but you could get a network hard drive, and you wouldn't have to leave a computer running all the time.  You can get a 160GB Buffalo Technology Linkstation for less than $200.  I have their 120GB linkstation, and I absolutely love it.  It runs Linux internally, and it has good power management and security options.
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