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Generate and read XML file

   <Person Age="40">
           <Son Age="3">
           <Son Age="5">
   <Person Age="35">
           <Son Age="2">
           <Daughter Age="5">

I need code to generate this XML using XMLDocument and save it to file. Then I need to load file to XMLDocument and enumerate all nodes.
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1 Solution
AlexFMAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but I want to do this using XMLDocument.
AlexFMAuthor Commented:
You want something like the following code. It creates the structure you want, but is missing some for/while loops, since I have no idea what your datasource is. But you should easily create those, since I added the places in comment for you. ;)

The Code:

public static void Write()

                  XmlDocument xmldoc=new XmlDocument();

                  XmlNode xmlnode=xmldoc.CreateNode(XmlNodeType.XmlDeclaration,"","");

                  XmlElement xmlelem=xmldoc.CreateElement("","List","");

                  //foreach loop
                  XmlElement person =xmldoc.CreateElement("","Person","");
                  XmlAttribute personAttr = xmldoc.CreateAttribute("Age");
                  personAttr.Value = 40.ToString();

                  // Person:
                  XmlElement firstName = xmldoc.CreateElement("","FirstName","");
                  XmlText firstNameText = xmldoc.CreateTextNode("John");

                  XmlElement lastName = xmldoc.CreateElement("","LastName","");
                  XmlText lastNameText = xmldoc.CreateTextNode("Brown");

                  XmlElement children = xmldoc.CreateElement("","Children","");

                  //foreach loop 2
                  // if son
                  XmlElement son = xmldoc.CreateElement("","Son","");
                  XmlAttribute sonAttr = xmldoc.CreateAttribute("Age");
                  sonAttr.Value = 3.ToString();

                  XmlElement sonName = xmldoc.CreateElement("","Name","");
                  XmlText sonNameText = xmldoc.CreateTextNode("Bill");

                  //end if

                  // if daugther
                  XmlElement daugther = xmldoc.CreateElement("","Daugther","");
                  XmlAttribute daugtherAttr = xmldoc.CreateAttribute("Age");
                  daugtherAttr.Value = 5.ToString();

                  XmlElement daugtherName = xmldoc.CreateElement("","Name","");
                  XmlText daugtherNameText = xmldoc.CreateTextNode("Mary");
                  //end if

                  // end foreach 2 loop

                  // end foreach loop

                  //let's try to save the XML document in a file: C:\sample.xml
                  catch (Exception e)

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