Enumerating XML child nodes (2)


I need to enumerate this XML using XMLDocuments class, but without using GetElementsByTagName method, because tag names are not unique. I need the way to enumerate XMLNode childs by name.
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try something like:

        /** Description:
         ** This function recursivly traverses a list of
         ** Xml nodes. Used for testing only.
         ** Author:
         ** Jason Myerscough
        void Traverse(Int32 Index, XmlNodeList Nodes)
            XmlNode CurrentNode = Nodes.Item(Index);

            if (CurrentNode != null)
                if (CurrentNode.HasChildNodes == true)
                    Traverse(0, CurrentNode.ChildNodes);        // if there is childnodes traverse them

                Traverse(Index + 1, Nodes);           // traverse the siblings
                if (CurrentNode.HasChildNodes == false)
                    Console.WriteLine(CurrentNode.Name + " = " + CurrentNode.InnerText);
        }   /** void Traverse(Int32 Index, XmlNodeList Nodes) **/
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