Need to use Microsoft Visual C++ 5 or 6...But upgraded to Studio already! How to work around this?

I'm using an older software that only supports Visual Studio C++ 5 or 6.  However, I have already upgraded to the MS Visual Studio 2005.  It is important for me to use this software so I'm trying to make it work.  Anyone have experience with doing this?

I need to point to the cl.exe, the C libraries, and *.h files for C

I'm thinking if I can point to the correct folder/files in Visual Studio C++.  It might work.  Anyone know the specific place to find it?  Please help!!!
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Uninstall VC++ 2005, install VC++ 6.0 and then install VC++ 2005. They can work together on the same computer. Newest version should be installed later.
There will be some collisions, for example, shell file associations, but every version builds it's own projects successfully.
Hi slashman,

Seriously, you are in for far more work that you expect. The command line parameters will have changed, there are more stages to the build process etc etc.

You'd be better off using a make file or installing VC6 on another machine for the final builds and just debugging and browsing on 2005.

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