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Duplicating Email Epidemic!  Please read...500points

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-08
Hello All.

I certainly hope that someone out there has some good insights on this issue.  I have searched the knowledge base here and as well on the web through Google and found similar things but not quite the same.

OS: Windows XP
Outlook: XP (2002)
Email: POP (no exchange server involved)

Problem: An email (or two) will replicate itself to ungodly numbers, ie 12,000 and counting if I would let it go.  It does this automatically.  this is not a send & receive 12,000 of the same email but rather receive one and watch it grow!

The growth seems to be dependent on the send/receive function which is automatic.  The original of the email is SPAM and not necessarily of the same product/origin.  I have had one that was legit and not SPAM that did the same thing.

It is not an option to turn off the auto SEND/RECEIVE.

I have deleted it from the host (webserver email) and the POP account on the PC and it still returns.

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Computer Integration Specialist
To get rid of your duplicate emails try this:

1.  Go to folder with duplicate email messages
3.  Choose "Comma Seperated Value (Windows)" and save the file to your desktop.
4.  Open the CSV file on your desktop in Microsoft Excel
5.  Highlight all cells containing your data
6.  Choose DATA->FILTER->ADVANCED FILTER and set it to "Filter the list, in-place" and check "Unique records only", then click OK.
7.  Now choose EDIT->COPY, then open a new Excel worksheet, and choose EDIT->PASTE.
8.  Save the new worksheet as a CSV file and close Excel
9.  Open Outlook, create a new folder (just in case) and go to the new folder.
10.  Choose FILE->IMPORT&EXPORT->IMPORT FROM ANOTHER FILE OR PROGRAM->CSV(WINDOWS) and walk thru the rest of the wizard with the default options.

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Top Expert 2008
Greetings, fowlerfarmgroup !

So the problem is receiving duplicate emails?  Not send duplicate emails?

Make sure Outlook XP (Office XP) has the latest update. It is up to service pack 3.

See this troubleshooter for duplicate or more emails.

Best wishes!
Do you have the "Leave a copy of the mail on the server" checked???  This could make this problem occur!

HTH, Cheers,



Hello all.

Thanks for the comments thus far.

Daveforster:  Yes, this option is checked.  It will remain to be checked too.  Again this only occurs with a couple of emails and not for the whole email box.

War1:  Problem is not receiving duplicate emails.  Rather the email 'grows' over a period of time.  I will check about the SP# though.

irwinpks:  wow.  lots-o-work there.  Again, this is not an email-box-wide thing ranther occuring on a onsey-twosey type of thing.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration Specialist

@fowlerfarmgroup...about 15 minutes to apply.


IRWINPKS:  ...took me about 15 minutes to read.  Ha!  Actually, having my crystal ball handy...I can see that once doing that would rid my 'INbox' of all duplicates for the minute then the growth would begin.  Unless you are expecting me to perform this task by the hour, this is not the fix.  Thanks though!

Irwin SantosComputer Integration Specialist

set it for overnight.. come back in the morning with coffee in hand.


irwinpks: again, that would solve the issue once.  But this will occur every hour or so.  So, in this case, this is not the remedy.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration Specialist

oic....I'm going to sleep now...I'll check back later today...if no response in 8 hours from anyone, can't you shout out. please.
Top Expert 2008


Did you check my link for fixing duplicate emails?  The link states

1.  How to stop receiving duplicate email messages

There are a few things you can check to stop duplicate email messages.

Start by checking Rules to be sure that copies are not being made to the Inbox, and make sure that all your rules end in "Stop Processing" actions.

Then check the task manager to be sure that there is only one instace of Outlook running. Two instances of outlook.exe running can produce two messages arriving at the same time. You will need to then determine why two instances of Outlook were running in the first place.

Another thing you can do is to delete/remove ALL your e-mail accounts and recreate them. This worked for some people.

Also, if your running Outlook XP, be sure that you are at service pack 2 or later. You can tell if you need to upgrade at Microsoft Product Updates.

Finally, another person had this happen when he had two e-mail accounts set up - using two e-mail addresses, but the same POP3 incoming and same SMTP outgoing. What happened is that the second account was getting the e-mails from the POP3 server before they were actually deleted after the first account was finished. If this is the problem you can disable the receive on the second account. There is a Microsoft article explaining the problem more thoroughly at http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=284404.


As I do appreciate everyone's effort, I am perplexed that no one really is grasping the situation here.

Notice, I have not stated that I am receiving duplicate emails.  

Rather, I have email that is duplicating within the mailbox itself.

Growing in leaps and bounds.

Now, again, had I been receiving duplicate emails then this would affect the entire box and I would have double of everything.  Wherein this case I do not.

So, war1, your suggestions do not affect my issue.  For that matter, none of the responses given addresses my issue.

This site is not helping.

Whoever is reading this...you may close this question.

I'm cancelling my account.

Top Expert 2008

fowlerfarmgroup ,

If you had responded when we posted, we could help you more.  Experts Exchange is an interactive site.  We are not sitting in front of your problem.  You are.  So we can only respond only when you give us feedback.

If your email is replicating by itself, then you have a virus.  Check for virus and trojans.

Good luck with finding a solution.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration Specialist

@fowlerfarmgroup, I concur with war1...and though you mentioned that you appreciated our efforts..it was like a slap in the face as we were waiting for you get back.. War1 posted after my last comment, and since it seemed viable for you to apply his suggestion, all we could do is wait.

Do you realize that we are professionals that don't get paid?  War1 is the TOP Outlook man here?  You need to help us help you by providing feedback.


Sorry guys,

Very frustrated on this end.

I understand what you are saying and do apologize for the lapse of my entry.

Still, c'mon, all comments addresses another issue.  One that has been asked and answered many times on this site.  None of which is even remotely discussing my issue.  I am not necessarily wanting a magic answer like, "press SHIFT+F9+hold left leg in the air+only eat garlic on the 3rd Tuesday of the month"-type of thing rather some banter on what I am experiencing.

Have you seen this before?

I'm an IT professional too (going on 20 years) and I am fully aware that sometimes there are no answers just insight.

I'm down with that but to keep replying with answers that I am repeatedly denying to address the issue is a bit much and frustrating on my part.

News Flash---

War1, best post yet.  I'm leaning that way too but have ran scans with updated definitions.  I've even deleted the email box on the webhost, created a new PST file, a new Outlook profile and it persists.  Not just with SPAM files either.  I've deleted all files on the local PC and the source email on the web host and it keeps coming back.

My boss just reported that his email box had over 48,000 unread emails!!!

Any thoughts on a possible trojan or virus that could be causing this?
Have you run Hijack this in safe mode?  That usually pulls up some good answers.  You might also like to try Ewido & the Panda Software scanner.




You could also read the following FAQ, not sure if this applies to you, but I'm clutching at straws as well as you:


Apart from that, about the only thing you can do is to try the account on a different PC.  If there is still the problem of the duplication, then you will know that it is server based.  Have you queried this with your ISP?  Try a brand new machine, new installation, new Office 2003, and see if the problem re-occurs.  If not, then you will know that there is a very good probability that you have a virus on the computer that is having the problem.  If none of the anti-virus etc. programs pick this virus up, then you are going to have to look at maybe a reformat of the old computer.

Do note, that some virus software will be more effective when you run them in safe mode as they have better access to clean files.

If none of this works, you're going to have to see a Clairvoyant, as they will probably be the only ones who know what the hell is going on!!!




well, daveforster, very good.

I have some homework infront of me.

Thanks so much.

Yes, I have tried this on a different PC and I have not gotten any of the same issues.  As far as the ISP goes, they created a new email box and ported the old mail to the new then deleted the old.  This didn't solve the issue.  Acutally, this was for a different issue but it does answer your question.

Thanks for the reminders...it has been awhile since I have had a need to use these products.

I'll report back tomorrow
Irwin SantosComputer Integration Specialist

@venabili...objection...there is no solution here, as we are waiting for farmerfowler to get back to us after applying daveforster's comment.
DELETE- no refund

It is actually delete - refund.


I'd like to give some points to 'irwinpks' too.

Both individuals were helpful but responses from both did not solve the issue.  In appreciation for time spent please apply 500 points to each account.

Best Regards.


Oops, did not mean to leave out 'war1'.  

Please deposit 500 points for his effort as well.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration Specialist

that's cool. thank you!

Hmm...sorry we ran into a brick wall...but there is always the ultimate solution of a fresh reinstall..it's spring time, so good time for that?
Irwin SantosComputer Integration Specialist

cool. thank you!
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