Maxtor One Touch Backup Software - Common Language Runtime Debugging Error

Please help!

Up until Windows XP updated itself, the backup software that came with my external hard drive (Dantz Retrospect Express) was working PERFECTLY.

Now I get an error:
RetroExpress.exe - Common Language Runtime...
Application Has Generated an Exception...
Process ID=0x954(2388) Thread id+0x958(2392)

None of which means anything to me, except that I can no longer backup my computer. I tried reinstalling the software from the CD and when I pushed the OneTouch button, my computer crashed and I got a very ominous warning from windows saying a serious error had occured. The note suggested I may need an update from the manufacturer of the software/hardware causing the error so I downloaded and ran an update from the Maxtor website from 12/1/2005 for Windows. That did not help.

I have a Maxtor One Touch II 200 GB drive, which has been absolutely GREAT, until this Windows problem. I still have access to the drive and all my saved files (thankfully!) PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN - I will really miss being able to backup my computer, as this was the primary reason for buying this hard drive.

I worked with the Maxtor and Dantz support to try and resolve the issue. Ultimately I ended up needing to just uninstall the backup software to avoid getting the error, which is obviously not ideal.

I have also received similar errors when starting up Microsoft Outlook, although this only occurs about half the time I start it up and it seems to work if I just cancel out and restart the program. It's all very odd.

Thank you for any help you can offer...
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
go to MSCONFIG, START-RUN-type MSCONFIG <enter> then located any programs you recognize that you can turn off. Note your changes as you may need to re-enter them.  Restart your machine
Start, help and support, retore computer to earlier state, look for a restore point prior to the latest update, and restore the computer to the state when Dantz worked - if not too long ago, you should find the restore point at a DATE when it last worked.  Try this, as you could wait months if not years before the vendor can catch up with every little tweaking of windows by microsoft.  Then turn off automatic updates when it is working fine - My computer, properties, automatic updates tab, turn off.

You can run fine with this for a long time, as long as you use firefox Mozilla browser and not IE.  It is IE browser that cause most of latest security breaches, or outlook express.  If you use both, you are at risk.

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tconnor9736Author Commented:

PERFECT! Thank you - I just backed up for the first time in about a month!

Although this is slightly off topic, I do use IE and also Outlook. I use McAfee virus scan and firewall and also a router, which someone told me acts as a security measure as well. This has worked well so far (seems to at least).

Should I be concerned beyond this, especially with Outlook?

Again, thank you for all your help.
Glad it worked for you, good you did it soon enough, restore points disappear.  Make sure windows update is turned off for now, you can survive fine with a good router firewall.  To be safe, just disable active X controls in IE, and in OUtlook, just make sure you keep McAfee updated every week with new virus signatures, you should be fine.  Outlook is always a worry, every 9/10 hacks try to get to outlook, and many work.  There are some Settings/internet options you can check to increase security.

Still recommend to use Firefox for any dubious sites you are not sure of, use IE for your trusted sites, then you are as safe as you can get, with McAfee and the router firewall.  Good luck.
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