epson printer prints worse with every test performed

i have an epson stylus c42ux printer which i recently purchased brand new black and color ink for. it printed one document for me ok, however the other document won't print at all even though it goes through the motions of printing just fine. i did a few print tests and by the forth or fifth test the ink was almost completely faded. can you help?
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Sounds as if the printhead jets have dried out. Have you tried cleaning the printhead? You can do it from the printer itself and most Epsons also let you do it from the driver. You may have to do it a few times.

If that does not help you can try cleaning the jets manually. The easiest way is by saturating the little sponge that the printhead sits on while idle with some distilled water. Switch the printer off, move the printhead to the centre, and use an eyedropper or syringe. Move the printhead back to the right and leave for at least 15 minutes (even overnight) before switching on.

Finally, if the printer is under warranty and if you are using genuine Epson ink, take it back to them for repair/replacement. Otherwise, buy another one.

If you do get it working, make sure you always use Epson ink, switch the printer off every night, and make sure you print regularly.

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If the recommended steps by hdondt don't resolve the issues - I believe this is a very good choice - you might want to check the contacts from the printer cartridge to the printer.  Insure everything is clean and no mess.  

Hope this Helps!!!
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