Notebook - Handheld WiFi ad hoc network works one way only

Hi, I've got a notebook and an Ipaq handheld configured in ad hoc network.  After many tribulations it started working...sort of.  Both machines say they are connected, both show excellent signal strength.  From Ipaq I can read/write access the Notebook's Shared Documents folder, but from the notebook I cannot see the Ipaq.  

Here are some details:

Notebook: Compaq nx7000
Adapter: Intel ProSet 2100 B3 - managed by windows
I.P. Address

HandHeld: Ipaq hx4700
Adapter: HP iPAQ Wi-Fi Wireless Adapter
I.P Address

SSID    : cjnet  (both PCs see it and connect to it)
Security: WAP

Any ideas how I should  go about fixing this problem?  

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Ipaqs don't have file sharing by default.  You have to use Activesync for that.

But you can also try Total Commander...

It's very easy to work with it an iPAQ from the desktop in Total Commander:
Just download the WinCE 1.0 plug-in:

Install this as file-system plug-in.
Then the iPAQ will appear as "WinCE Device" under network devices and can be used the same way as any other network devices.
Caveat: files copied to the iPAQ will not be "synched", just copied 1:1.

Now if you were planning to share music using you iPAQ maybe you can check this out as well...
czechmateAuthor Commented:
Thanks cKBoy, my iPAQ OS is windows mobile 2003se.  Any solutions for that?
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