what will it cost to startup a voip services business and home owner

I would like to a cost for equipment I have cost on a T1 line

I understand I can use cisoc ATA router for my customer I have download callmanager?
Is there anything, I have missed?

I am looking about seven month to get start with my company am going to class to understand VOIP
Cisco. CCVP.
this is the right thing to do is there more?
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Could you clarify? You want to start your own service using your own T1 line and want to price out equipment? I'd look at prices from Cisco or Lucent... if you're aiming at the consumer market, here's a link to Lucent's site: http://www.lucent.com/solutions/consumer_voip_solutions.html

Sounds like you have equipment for the USER end, not the service provider end. Check out the link I provided as well as this other one since you're more of a Cisco person from what I've read here:

There's a lot of infrastructure involved... if you decide this stuff is too much for you, check for services that let you resell their service.
why do this when you have a free VOIP service called Skype which is superior to anything else on market?
jamesccnacmpAuthor Commented:
If you can not help me do not reply. Is there anyone out there how can help !
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