It is now safe to turn off your computer after windows start up problem. Even safe mode

Hello all.  I have a big problem on my home PC.  I have tried tons of things.  Something is causing everytime I logon to windows even when going into Safe Mode and Safe Mode with DOS Prompt after it shows Windows is starting it shuts down and says "It is now safe to turn your computer off" box.  Every once in a while it gets past it somehow and I get on but hardly ever.  I have done many things like disables many services, even did a repair Windows 2000 off the Windows 2K Cd. Still no dice.  No virus is detected at all from anti virus and it is the latest Symantec Corp Edition that I just ran because I was lucky and did get on once today.  I can get to the internet etc. so everything seems ok other than this happening.  The file system is still in tact etc.  I need to find out what is causing this to happen even in safe mode.  Thanks all.
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Hi sbornstein2,

long on to the recovery and run a chksk /r, also try the fixboot command and see how you go


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Rob WilliamsCommented:
sbornstein2, it can be a conflict with a driver or application loading during boot up. As discussed in your last question, you do have MSConfig installed on your Win2K machine. If you can manage to log on again, you could try disabling services with MSConfig to try to isolate. The following article, though it references WinME, outlines the procedure:

I have also seen this problems with bad capacitors on the motherboard. It can cause odd power problems on the motherboard with unexpected results such as you are experiencing. The following article helps to identify bad capacitors:
On the top left menu there is an option "identifying bad caps". You might want to inspect yours.
A good indication that this might be the problem is the machine boots when stone cold, i.e. the power has been unplugged, not just turned off, for 1/2 hour.
sbornstein2Author Commented:
fixboot did the trick.  Thanks
not a problem mate

I've seen those bad caps to, half the IBM machines that were rolled out (before i started where i am and led them to the light......) came back with bad caps and the machine would simply turn off . we would check the board and there would be gunk everywhere  lovely machines....

cheers fellas
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