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Syncronizing User A's Calendar to User B, C, D etc. Calendar using Outlook or Exchange

We have a "company calendar" actually a user named Company on our Exchange Server.  It is setup as a shared Calendar so everyone can open it under Outlook via Open a Shared calendar.  This works great.  People update the calendar and all can see.  The problem is we now have multiple users who have PPC Phones with EVDO so they are hardly ever in their office or on their laptops looking at the Outlook shared calendar.  When someone updates the "Company users" calendar it updates but does not send the request to "Push" it to their phones and even on a manual sync does not because the PPC Phones only get updated with info from the users calendar.  Does anyone know a way to have the User "Company" syncronize all changes to users say "B, C, and D"  This way the client software will update the PPC's and then people will also not have to open the "Shared" calendar since we primarily use the calendar anyway, no one puts personal stuff on their own calendar, we ONLY use the Shared.  Thank you.
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David LeeCommented:
Hi viper222,

Not sure if this'll work, but it's worth a look: http://www.chapura.com/pmp_wm.php
The alternative is to either find a third-party product that'll do this or to script your own.  Scripting this wouldn't be too difficult.  The more difficult issue would be where and how to run it.  The script woudl have to have access to the user's mailboxes.  That'd mean it'd have to run uner an Exchange admin account or would have to have the usernames and passwords of the user's accounts.

viper222Author Commented:
Thank you BlueDevilFan but I looked at this in detail and it will not really do what I am needing from what I read.  i need it to actually Sync the "Shared/Company" calendar with the actual users calendar because the Verizon Wireless Sync software only "PUSHES" items that are on the users calendar and other folders.  So actually I guess it really comes down to syncing those items.
David LeeCommented:
You can have a look here (http://www.slipstick.com) for third-party utilities that'll do this.  If you can't find one, then scripting your own is the only other alternative.
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