Dump after Dump after Dump

Hey everyone...

I'm hoping that some of you can help me determine what is causing my dumps )o: before I put anymore $$$ into this system.  

I had an ASUS P5ND2-SLi Deluxe that hit the skids last month...I sent it back to ASUS and they don't have that model anymore because it was so worthless...so they upgraded me to a "better" board.  

Current Config:
ASUS P5N32-SLi Deluxe
Pentium D 830 @ 3Ghz
2 BFG 6800GT OCs PCIe
2 Gig Corsair TWIN2X1024A-6400 (512 x 4)
2 WD2500KS SATA (250Gig)
1 Maxtor ATA (40Gig)
1 Sony DVD-RW
1 Antec TruePower TII 550W PSU ver. 1  (only 4 ATX12V pins where the new mobo has an 8 pin plug...the new TII has the 8 pin)

So I'm typing right now on the this computer but...like it did 10 minutes ago...it crashed and gave me another dump.  When I first got the board last week from ASUS, I reinstalled everything that I had before on the computer and it looked okay.  Then I tried to play Unreal Tournament 2004 and Quake 4 and in SLi the games would freeze the computer before I could start to play...and if I played it with only 1 video card...I would get dumps.  So I checked the dumps and some said that it was caused by memory modules and some said it was due to different drivers.

So instead of tracking down all of those drivers...I reinstalled XP...this time, with only Nforce Chipset drivers, GeForce Drivers, Windows Debugger, and drivers for 1 NIC.  Then I installed Unreal Tournament 2004 again and I was able to play in SLi mode in the game, but I'm still getting dumps...sometimes without any load on the cards or CPU...now it is a consistant dump.  Everytime I crash now It states:

*                                                                             *
*                        Bugcheck Analysis                           *
*                                                                             *
Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.
BugCheck 1000008E, {c0000005, 74726f50, b0c17c6c, 0}
Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!ObpCloseHandleTableEntry+39 )
Followup: MachineOwner

I know that the ntkrnlmp.exe has to do with NVidia...but is it the Chipset or the Video Cards?  Could it be my Corsair memory isn't supported?  or might it be, even though an ASUS tech said it was okay, that my PSU is only using a 4 pin ATX12V connection instead of the 8 pin that the motherboard was designed for?  The tech said it was okay, but my experience with ASUS has taught me that I have to teach them the solution.

I don't want to dump anymore $$$ into the system because it is already an expensive box that has only been around since last October...so far I've had 3 mobo's from ASUS and 1 Video card replacement from BFG.  I'm A+, N+, CCNA, and MCSA certified and this crashing has me at the end of my rope.  Maybe if I had the time to spare I could find the solution, but I need a stable machine ASAP...and I'm looking to everyone out there to help me pinpoint this faulty config.  I'm leaning toward the Corsair modules or the PSU...but before I change anything I need some reassuring certainty from people that know their stuff.

Thanks a ton to everyone in advance.... (o:
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Memory tester


Run that and see if that's the problem.
Two motherboards and the games won't work.  You complain about ASUS motherboards even though they are very reliable (havent tried ALI chipset, but VIA and NVidia chipset on ASUS are very reliable).  SO you fault the MBs, but did it ever occur to you that the games are at fault?  Game programmers take all kinds of shortcuts trying to write directly to video hardware to squeeze more speed out of over-graphic games, and all it needs is faulty detection of video card by game program, and windows ALWAYS will crash.  Video card correct detect is one of THE most fundamental parts of windows, if not detected right, windows not work right.  Worse, game programmers try to do their own video detect, often fail very badly.  Suspect these games will only run on OLDER hardware.  Programs probably have defective detect on the latest video hardware, like you see on the newer systems.
I agree with dbrunton.....test your RAM with memtest.
It is included with the ultimate boot cd.....http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/
There are other specific tests on that cd which may also be of use during problem elimination, but first let memtest run until it gets errors, or has run for a few hours without issue.
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i would also look if the pc is not underpowered, check what you need here :


and check the cpu temperature in the bios; maybe your heatsink is not fully seated, or you need some Arctic silver
...and try another video card, even a cheap PCI one will do for testing.
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Is the existing memory suited to the new mainboard you received?
inverted_2000Author Commented:
They stated that the memory that I have is ok...I've tested it by using 1 pair instead of 2 and I tried to run the memorytest but the ISO didn't load right.

So last night after I posted the first post I reformated and installed XP again to try a different approach to loading the drivers.   Now the setup fails to copy files from the CD to the HD during the BlueScreen initial setup steps...that was from 2 different CDs...might it be the HD?  I reformatted again because I started to receive new errors when I tried to installed DirectX and NForce 4 Drivers from downloads.  Windows stated that the swap file was corrupt or too large.  

The games have run fine on this machine for months now...and granted I like ASUS's products...I have had faulty mobos ever since I built this rig.

So might I need to look at the HD now that I have these new issues?

Thanks again everyone...
inverted_2000Author Commented:
Also I have the CPU positioned correctly...it was running at 89 to 93 degrees (95 with a little load)...I used Artic Silver (o:
inverted_2000Author Commented:
And as for the memory...it worked on the last P5ND2 that I had...though it wasn't listed on the list for being compatibale...ASUS said it was okay...and on the Corsair box it says that it is recommend for NForce 4 Intel Edition Chipsets...

Now the new mobo has the NForce 4 Chipset too...so if it isn't compatiable, then why do I have it?  I don't know...it's $400 worth of memory...so I would like to figure this out because it's the most expensive part of my rig.

Also...I can't run the memtests with an image on the HD...so I'm going to bring home 512 of DDR2 from work today...let me check that out and post back with the results.
>>   I can't run the memtests with an image on the HD   <<  you can burn a cd with the iso, but better : download the ultimate boot cd, and you have alot of tests :   http://ubcd.sourceforge.net/download.html
inverted_2000Author Commented:
10-4....will advise (o:
inverted_2000Author Commented:
I contacted Corsair tech support and there were additional settings that were incorrect on my board in the BIOs that we changed to try to help things.  The tech stated that he was surprised that I got as far as I did with the incorrect settings...so it might have only been that the modules are running faster then the board is capable of handling.

I will post the results.

Thanks again,
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
That is what I meant before when I said "Is the existing memory suited to the new mainboard you received?".  This is problem is common, I hope it all works out for you.
inverted_2000Author Commented:
Though Corsair says the modules are good to go with my new model mobo they are not.  I still receive crashes and have to reset the RTC and mess with the PSU till it will even give me an indication that it is going to boot.  Right now I can't even get a response on the monitor.

Lets see what Corsair says today (o:
inverted_2000Author Commented:
After spending a bunch of time with the Corsair tech support yesterday...and having him on the phone and having him there with me and watching how changes and settings that I made based off of his settings to my BIOs only made things worse...Corsair decided that they would look at the memory and test it's compatibility.

I got all the way up to Windows once with the tech on the phone and that was when he had me update the BIOs...now I can't even get a POST screen...and he still didn't want to take the responsibilty for the actions that he directed me with.  

I'll post back with their results and award some points to you guys that helped out.

Thanks again
inverted_2000Author Commented:
It was a BIOS issue and not the physical hardware after all...please close
You should close the Q yourself. Follow the link {http:#16587569}
PAQed with points refunded (500)

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