Saving "slices"

I have a web template in Photoshop 7 that allows me to change the text on the buttons.  Its one big .psd with blue lines carving it all up.

How do I save each button individually after I've changed it?  It need them to be the same size as the ones in the html template.

Here is the one I'm using, incase I didn't describe it well:
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Has the PSD already been sliced up? If the slices are still there you can just go file>>save for web, click on the slice you want to save and in the save options choose 'selected slices only' in the slices dropdown and 'Images only' in the save as type dropdown.

Hope this helps.  Cheers,

One way is to hide or delete all the other unecessary layers and crop the page to its size of the button.
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