Sony LCD SDM-X72 Goes Green In Black Areas

Hi all. This monitor just started doing this. It seems that after it has been on a while where ever there is supposed to be the color black displayed, it goes to a "running" green color. What I mean by running is that the green color is kinda flowing like the TV static you have when a channel has shut off (snow as we used to call it). If you turn the monitor off and then back on after a minute, it will be ok. Sometimes its fine for the rest of the time I use it (1-3hrs) and sometimes it will go back to the green problem within 2 minutes. I know it's in the monitor. Just happen to have a spare video card and installed it with the same problem. Then I went dual monitors and the other monitor showed no problems....even when I switched the monitors from main display. One time when I switched the monitors via OS from primary to secondary and back again, the LCD monitor cleared up and was ok for the rest of the day. Is there a way to repair this monitor? I sure hate to just junk it. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
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At first I was thinking was backlight but this isn't a backlight problem.

More or less what's going on is the area of the screen that should be getting no signal is getting some random signal.
-- EMI basically..

Since the other monitors aren't having problems it's likely internal.

One possibility is a problem with your cable between the computer and the monitor.
(Bad insulation between the wires inside or the shielding layer has a problem.)
This one has both DVI and VGA doesn't it?
Try the other option or try a new cable.

There could also be a shielding problem inside (maybe even at circuit board level) inside the screen.
Sometimes shields will shift or have a bad ground.

It's also possible some of the filter circuits that filter out this sort of static have failed or are going bad.


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BrianQ-COAuthor Commented:

  I bet you are right. I did find that if I turn the power switch off after each use, it will not happen upons the next use. It is usually used 2 - 3 times a day and shutdown after each use and around 2 hours between each use with a use of about 30min 1st use, 2 hrs 2nd use, and 2 - 3 hrs on the 3rd use. As long as I turn the power off on the monitor, it no longer does the problem. I'll keep using it this way until it craters. Thanks for your help and info!
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