wrt54g connected to wap54g

There was a question about getting these to work together. Can a desktop be connected to the ethernet port on the ap where it is located?
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Do you mean like this

      [ WRT54G ] ........ [ Desktop ] -------- [ WAP54G ] )))(((  [ Wireless Computers ]

Why do want to do like this?

The better option would be to connect WAP54G directly to the WRT54G Router to it's LAN Port.

Having said that, the above configuration would work provided that the Desktop is configure for Bridging or ICS.
I agree with gkumaran. I cannot think of any possible reason on why you would want to setup this  way.

well actually

if you had 2 nics, and no switch, one nic connects to say the internet, and the other nic goes to the WAP54G. Then you configure your machine as a router, and then wireless clients can access the net on the wap 54g which goes through your PC.

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