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I've set up a domain with about 10 computers in our home office, but on one of the computers I want to be able to use it on the domain with the Windows XP welcome screen AND fast user switching because myself and another use it frequently and it is a pain to be constantly logging in/out.  I know there are alternitive logon screen that allow you to use fast user switching with a domain on XP PRO, but I wish to remain with the standard GUI (no extra software or DLL hacks or GINA replacements!)

Thanks in Advance
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Hi Brentxhange,

you cant use fast user switching with a domain environment, it is not possible

BrentxhangeAuthor Commented:
I know that it  is not "officially supported" but, is there a workaround.  I know people that have done it in the past, without replacing the windows shell
a workaround to fast user swtiching in a domain??? its not just unsupported - its not possible

longhorn (vista) will support this feature but to date it is not an option
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BrentxhangeAuthor Commented:
i am going to leave this question open until tommorow, and if there are no other responses, i will close it (no points awarded), as I need results by tommorow.  I was already aware that it is unsupported, but so are some other features that I have running on my other computers.
its not a matter of being unsupported though - its not possible! its is hard coded in that when you join a domain fast user switching is disabled          if you dont want to give the points then thats fine - but you were given a correct answer -  i dont know if the mods will agree to closing when you have been given an answer  -  see how it goes though i wont fight you on it
Thanks Netminder,

i believe i gave a correct answer however the author does not.

Being that points arent everything and i would rather the author satisfied with the site, i wont object to any decision that is made. points or no points i think the question should be PAQ'd for future reference


BrentxhangeAuthor Commented:
I have actually answered my question now.  It IS possible, using FrontMotion Login "".
a third party app may provide but windows does not
Closed, 230 points refunded.
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