Frontpage Extensions Not Working

I am lurching from crisis to crisis with my site. Unexplicably, all details relevant to my site disappeared from the IIS console. I reinstalled, IIS, and FPSE (numerous times) without any affect, apart from the hit counter working.
My previous problems with the results page (Database Results Wizard Error The operation failed. If this continues, please contact your server administrator), and search page (Cannot run the FrontPage Server Extensions on this page: "http://graham/newsite2/search.asp) have returned. I researched your answers to PAQ without success.
I have checked the 'server health" and "recalculated the web" (several times).  I am also tried publishing to a remote site (on the local computer) without success.
I am sorry to be a repeat offender, but I'm finding Frontpage the application from hell.

Can you be of assistance

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Hi Ursa,

Are you using FP2003?
What about your HTML pages,  do they work fine?
When you uninstalled FP extensions,  did you uninstall them first?
If your database pages give you this problem and you are using FP 2002 or 2003,  you have to replace 3 files in your _fpclass folder,  the .inc files with the .inc files from Frontpage 2000.

Here is a link to download them:

I hope this solves your problem
UrsaMajorAuthor Commented:
The replacement of those files had no effect at all. I tried another uninstall/install of FPSE but now it says that the server administration programs and the server extensions on the web server are not compatible. The administration program is too old to suse with this server.  How canthis be! They were working OK yesterday. Furthermore, I have now lost the database connection which was also working yesterday. This may have been the original source of my results page problems, but how does this happen? Seeminly all by itself



Try this, it relates to the error message that you are getting.;%5Bln%5D;823376

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UrsaMajorAuthor Commented:
That link only told me that I was the required version was not installed on my machine. This intimidated me more than a little.
I girded my loins, took a deep breath and deleted the frontpage extensions, IIS5.1 and Frontpage 2003 in their entirety. Had a cup of coffee and reinstalled them all again. Something in that mix must have been corrupt as on completion I published a backup to a a remote site on the local machine and I'm glad to report that past problems with hit counter and results page have not been resolved. Hit counter updates with evey press of 'refresh'.

Not so my search page. I still get the error "Cannot run the FrontPage Server Extensions on this page: "http://graham/newsite6/Search.asp". The hit counter updating usually indicates that the FPSE are installed and running correctly(?)

I have checeked the extensions and recalculated the web without any positive result.
Should this latest material be part of a new question or still part of my ongoing one?


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