Printing documents in C#

I have an online form which allows candidates to fill in an application form and attach a CV in rft format. The CV is stored in an SQL database as an imagetype. I have written a C# app that grabs the data in that field and outputs it in an rtf document to a network drive. This is done once a day. so there could be anything between 0 and 50 documents a day in that folder.

What I want to do now is print the rtf documents to a named printer, but print them every 15 seconds, i.e if there are 3 documents there called., 1.rft,2.rtf and 3.rtf, print 1.rtf then wait 15 seconds and print 2.rtf and so far.

Can anybody help with this?


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you can find a project to print rtf documents (writen as easy as possible) here:
and to print it every 15 seconds just use a timer:

Timer MyTimer=new Timer();
Timer.Interval =15000;//15 seconds
Timer.Tick += new Eventhandler(TimerEvent);

private void TimerEvent(object sender, EventArgs e)
          //Print Document


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