How to configure Redhat Enterprise 3 as PPPOE Server


 I'm Planning to configure a PPPOE Server for a company, the company request is :

1- they need to connect the linux server to LeasdLine or ADSL Line "Internet"
2- the Speed will be 2 MB internet
3- the server must be configured as PPPOE Server and all Clinets "Windows XP, 2000" must use PPPOE Client software to be connected to the server
4- all clients are connected to the same LAN
5- they need the 2 MB internet to be shared equally to the connected users
6- any suggested points you may add

    Thanks Alot
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Sounds like you need a internet server or squid  proxy to control bandwitdh for users to access internet right?
Based on my assumption. I recommend you to use squid for the job.

Read up, squid's FAQ19
Squid's faq comes with most of linux distro, including RHEL3
/usr/share/doc/squid-2.5.STABLE6/FAQ-19.html#ss19.8          <--- mine is Centos4, your squid version will be diff.

Try to follow the setup, this setting is called "delaypool".

Then remember to configure each clients' Internet Explorer to point to this squid proxy port number 3128(default).
fadyzAuthor Commented:
this sounds to be good, i checked it, thats good, it allow us to configure our internet bandwidth to be share as we want per host >>> it is ok

but i also prefer to use an application or to create users and share the bandwidth according to users accounts not per host account, i'm sure that there is a program that can let us manage our bandwidth and user account based on them, so i can give User1 50k/p upload and 20k/s download as an example...

it will be the best if i get this information ...
thanks in advance

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