MSN without admin rights

Hi all,

I want to have MSN at work, but i cant install it because i dont have admin rights...

Is there any cracked version, or is there any way to install it without having admin rights?

im aware of the webbased version but i dont want to use it, i want to have MSN and MSN Plus so i have the BOSS Protection, (hide MSN windows and icon by pressing space + ctrl)

THanks in advance,

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you need to "hack" your admin password and run msn installer using that userid/password.

Shift + right click and select run as...
kimos123Author Commented:
i dont want to hack anything, but is that easy to do?
isnt there any other way?
u need to know your admin password to install.
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I suggest you buy this program as it will allow you to reset your administrator password (note: I am not responsible for what you do with this program)

Or you can also use Http-Tunnel or Hopster

kimos123Author Commented:
i dont have problem with tunneling or firewall, its just that i cant install MSN without admin rights

Using Locksmith you can reset the admin password but your admin(s) can catch you...if you reset password.

Why u want to do such things., If u do so I am damn sure that U will be caught one or the other day.,,
So better go and ask the admin itself ( If u have a Proper reason ).
kimos123Author Commented:
Hi, i dont want to do that, but ppl started to talk about hacking.
i just want to know where i can download a non admin MSN ? because i heard ppl had cracked version or something like that
if your pc has a local admin account, you may install the software using that.
If you already have the installation package, press and hold the shift key while right clicking the setup file. Select run as.
Sometimes there is on password. Just click ok.
If the password is there, it may be possible to get it from your admin. Or at least get them to type it for you.

The phrase above should read "sometimes there is no password"
Your company may not allow their company computers to have MSN installed.  If it isn't a rule then ask your administrator to add it for you.
Keep in mind if your company has a policy on end users installing software on company computers that can lead to dismissal.  
kimos123Author Commented:
guys i know all this stuff's  
i just want to know if anyone knows an MSN without Admin rights?  
like its in a zipfile and u just unpack and use it without installation,

No there is not.
I have never seen a standalone version that runs without needing to put values into the registry and have dlls registered.  Sorry.
The admin rights does not reflect msn itself...The admin rights are for your local computer. I mean I'm sure you already understand this but the wording of your question seems to suggest you think the issue is with admin rights in msn messenger. So unless you can figure out the administrative password for the local machine you will not be able to install messenger...As stated before this would most likely be against company policy and be grounds for dismissal....So I suggest you stick web messenger alot less likely to loose your job (if you get busted) that away.
Try installing Miranda IM:

It's a highly customisable IM program (skinning is available too if you look hard enough, the default skin looks like ****). I also found the bosskey support you want:

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Or maybe you should try Portable Gaim (don't confuse it with GAIN, which is adware). This is a customised version of Gaim which can be run from a folder or USB Stick without having to install anything. I'm not sure if a bosskey feature is included by default, but I'm sure you can find plugins enabling you to use it.

-> (version 1)
-> (version 2 beta)
kimos123Author Commented:
Thanks elreteipos  Miranda IM is the one

This plug-in hides all of Miranda's windows and system tray icon/s when you press a specified hotkey (F12 is the default), mostly useful to hide Miranda from your boss :)

Just unzip and run! This also makes it ideal for users that want to run their messenger client from a removable storage such as an USB memory stick. It can even be stored on a floppy disc if not too many plugins are used.

Exactly what i want
Neat, doesn't work in all environments as some company's do not allow the protocols to pass through the firewall but still neat.

Good find elreteipos.

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