Convert japanese character to unicode equivalent

Hi Experts!

I have created a function to import data from a CSV file.  In connection with this, I need to store the data in its unicode equivalent but I have no idea on how to do it.  For sample data, kindly visit this site :

Any help is greatly appreciated...

Thanks in advance!
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Renante EnteraSenior PHP DeveloperAsked:
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Have a look here:

If you download the class mentioned there and look in the example file it should be pretty self-explanatory.
Renante EnteraSenior PHP DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Hi nicholassolutions!

First of all, thanks for your immediately reply.  Right now, I'm creating a basic and simple code using the said class but I couldn't get it to work perfectly.  Kindly refer back to the site I provided for the code...  What's wrong with the code I've made???

I have already spend the whole day on resolving this issue but to no luck.  Huhuhu... :-((

eNTRANCE2002 :-)
try using

$err = $converter->get_error();

after you try the conversion. It seems that your input text is not in fact valid UTF-8 (I would guess you copied only part of the entire character -- it would be multiple ASCII characters, and some might not print, so you can't just cut and paste them).

Try working directly on the data from your file, without cutting/pasting anything. The code you'd need is (assuming your UTF-8 Japanese text is in $utf8):

require './class_unicode_converter_toolkit.php';
$converter = new unicode_converter_toolkit();
$html = $converter->convert($utf8);
echo $html;


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>>>Try working directly on the data from your file
What I mean here is, import the data using your function, and convert it without looking at it. I have a feeling it will work when you do it directly.
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