How do you remove tree windows from Nal and have just icons from Application Launcher

Using Zenworks 4.0.1 on a Netware 6.5.5 server.  I have installed Zenworks and am using Nal to distribute the icons for the desktops.  When NAL loads I get 1 Windows split into 2 sides.  The left hand side being the tree and the right hand side being the Icons.  How do you get rid of the Tree windows and Just have the Icons.

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In C1, go into one of the user OU objects and select the Application Launcher tab to see how it's inheriting the launcher profile.  If the OU is set as top, then it's not looking up the tree to the O to get its launcher defaults, so the change has to take place at the OU level.  If the Org container is set as top, then you can make a global change at the Org level.

Generally, the user configuration has inheritance set to -1 which means go to the top of the configuration tree, so it will only inherit up to whatever container is set to top of tree in the user object's relative hierarchy, so this will determine how many containers you need to touch to make this change:

In the Application Launcher tab, select "view/edit object's custom configuration" and click edit.  On the "launcher" tab, click on "enable folder view" and set it to "no."

Note: even if the Org object is set as the top of the configuration tree, that can be overridden at the OU level by selecting the "use as top of tree" checkbox, so you'll still have to check all of your user OUs to make sure the setting is applied all the way through the tree.

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IslandsITAuthor Commented:
I have gone into the Users OU but do not have an Application launcher tab.  I have 6 options under the Zenworks tab but none match your advice.  I have Associated Policy Packages, Effective policies, Associated Workstations, Logged in workstations, launcher configuration, applications.  None of these items match your advice.
The Zenworks tab should have a "Launcher configuration" option. Sorry, I was mixing versions...

The stuff I talked about above, referring to the "application launcher" tab, all apply to the Zenworks tab, Launcher configuration option page.

If you don't have a "Launcher configuration" option on your Zenworks tab, you may be missing a ConsoleOne plugin.
What version of ConsoleOne are you running?  Are you running a local copy, or from sys:\public\mgmt... ?
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Next question: are you using the launcher plugin with IE, and a middle-tier server, or are you using the full-blown applicaiton launcher?

If you're using the IE plugin and no Novell client, you need to modify the "myapps.html" file to set the value for the parameter "ShowTree" to "false/".
IslandsITAuthor Commented:
I am using Console One version 1.3.6d
I have installed the basic part to Zenworks not the middle tier as I only need to distribute icons and NAL.
I am running for Sys:public\mgmt
Try downloading and installing the latest C1 snapins for ZFD 4.01.
IslandsITAuthor Commented:
That has worked great.  Can you do the same but for all users rather than individual users.  I have groups setup to distribute the icons.
If the application launcher configuration is set so the user's search setting is -1 (to top of tree) and the OU's are not flagged as "top of tree" which effectively blocks inheritance, you can set it at the O level.

The Zenworks tab/launcher configuration settings should be available on user, workstation and container objects.  You can associate applications to users, groups, workstations, workstation groups and containers.  The launcher configuration should be inherited through the tree O=>OU=>User/workstation and if inheritance isn't blocked at an OU using "use as top of tree" and the user's inheritance isn't limited, the settings will be additive or lower levels will override higher levels - so if you set it to "no" at the O container but the user's OU has it set to "yes" it will be "yes" unless the user object has it set to "no."  If it's not specified at intermediate levels, what's set at the O container will pass through down the tree unchanged.
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