Granting mailbox access rights to a group or user at OU level in Active Directory

In Exchange 2003 we have granted a few administrators total access to all users mailboxes. This works fine, giving access to a group on the database object.  We also have a requirement that the management of certain departments can access their respective staff's mailboxes.  AD has Department OUs setup so I was trying to give a management Global group full access over the OU hoping it would give full access to the mailboxes within but this does not work.

Does anyone know if and how I can use OUs to grant mailbox access rights to a group for the users within without having to set the permission on each user object?

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Mailbox permissions aren't controlled by Group Policy, you have to set them on the mail object. There are tools that can do the leg work for you - is the first one that springs to mind.

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