Electro-Acupuncture or suggestions

Hi experts,

I am looking for some medical advice for a friend.

my housemate is a 62 year old man, and a year ago he was bit by a spider, which made his ankle swell up to about double size.   there is also a festering wound that doesnt look like its healing.  He is confined to crutches and wheelchair and has arthritis too.

i have been reading a book by roger coghill, called 'something in the air', which suggests that in the fields of electro-healing and magneto-healing, there may be ways of speeding up wound healing.  

Robert Becker says "Intrinsic electromagnetic energy inherent in the nervous system of the body is therefore the factor that exerts the major controlling influence over growth processes in general."

Apparently, if i could identify the potential voltage, i could hook up a DC circuit such that the 'negative ion' flow is in the direction that is natural to the tissue, and that would help regeneration.

But I don't want to just stick needles in this guy's leg and attach them to a 9V battery.  Hopefully someone knows some information on this, or perhaps can just point me in the direction of a relavent web site or two.  

It sounds like an interesting project anyway.  I know i should just consult with a doctor.  but money is tight, and he is already taking pills which are evidently not helping.

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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Uh...isnt' there some kind of medical help that you have in your area/country?
'It sounds like an interesting project anyway' - please tell me that you are joking Dan!!!

Please seek proper medical advice.
dbrownell83Author Commented:
haha come on guys.  whats the worst that can happen as an amateur electro-acupuncturist?


but i was actually hoping to hear from an expert.  I am aware it is a rather questionable field, but there are actually a few dozen groups doing scientific research into the subject of magnetotherapy and electromedicine, as it turns out certain pathogens are better handled with electromagnetic conduction than electrochemical reactions.

It is directly tied into the concept of 'chi', and it's quite possible that setting up a neg-ion flow at acupuncture points might not do any harm, and in fact alleviate the pain.

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No problem. However I would be very sceptical of any advice given in this format!
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:

What he might want to do is take Omega 3 in a pill format. I have had many people that suffer from aches and pains and after taking Omega 3 for about a week the people have had more energy and have felt better in general.

Just make sure that he isn't allergic to salmon.

Hope this helps

Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Seems like the problem would have been easily take care of at the time the bite was first incurred.  Something in life you can revert..like time.

It's intriguing to even think of providing a solution that may help. Perhaps, later today, I'll put my Dr. Frankenstein hat on, and come up with a winning solution. >8-)
are you in Texas ?  was it a recluse spider ?


I do not know about magnetics, i have heard how low tones heals broken bones and wounds.
First get a good diagnosis. Quality. There are strains now that are becoming drug resistant.

It may be something the spider carried, it may also be staff infection. These things can end up real nasty, in the way they spread and the amount of damage they do (and ultimate cutting that may be done in the end to any survivors)

> and a year ago he was bit
> and he is already taking pills which are evidently not helping.

Time for a switch, getting different doctor, different set of pills
I mean.... Past time, way overdue for second opinion
Try dermatologist if you have to, save money by getting either newbie doctor or real old one, or find special clinic.

You'll be able to save on the pills


Re: voltage, 3v battery is sufficient for many situations, such as back pain. You are correct, no need to overdo that

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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
@Venabili....can I add Voodoo?  Real help is just a Doctor away.

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