Windows Server 2003 + WiFi Network + Domain + Active Directory Configuration

This seems to be a long question, and I need every bit of help, so I'm offering lots of points here that would be split if necessary, I'll begin with describing the situation, then asking the questions.


* A company with 9 PCs (Desktops & Laptops), all Windows XP Pro installed (only one that have WinMe installed)
* All PCs have wireless cards (or built-in in case of the laptop) except the Windows ME PC
* A server PC would be purchased (A normal P4 3.0 GHz 2MB L2 Cache, 1 GB RAM, SATA HDD)
* We have a 2 Mbps ADSL connection through a NETGEAR Wireless Router/Firewall
* All PCs have access to the Internet through the Router (again, except the WinME PC)
* The router supports RADIUS keying
* We have several departments (Sales, Marketing ...) with several PCs each
* I'm going to install Windows Server 2003 on the server PC so it would act as a domain


1) I have never configured or worked on an "Active Directory" or a "Domain" on Windows Server before
What do I do since installing the Windows Server 2003 till I get the following scheme:
- Every department would only be able to see the other PCs in their department
- Share the printer in each department
- Make a shared folder on the Server PC for each department that they alone could access
- Define the priviliges for every user in the company

If you could provide me with a link that has screenshots too, it would be great, I'm sure there are many tutorial pages but I can't find them.

2) I want to be able to control the other PCs internet access through the server PC (remember the WiFi part)
i.e. control websites they visit, control bandwidth, have a log of their internet activities.
And how do I configure the router and the server to do that?

3) Can I connect the WinME PC by a crossover cable to another PC with WiFi and have it join the network, or must I purchase a wireless adapter too?

4) I want to be able to control the server from my laptop without having access to the server room.

5) What if a guest arrives with a laptop that has WiFi and wants to quickly connect to the internet to see his mail?
Any fast and easy way?

6) Will the specs I mentioned for the Server PC be enough?

7) Does Windows Server 2003 contain Exchange Server so that users could use Outlook to e-mail each other?

That's all the questions I could get of my head right now, and please I need accurate and detailed answers.

Thanks all for the help.

edit: What with 500 points at most thingie? I want to put 1500 points for this question!!!
Please moderators, is there any way to add more points?
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OK, I'll try and answer some of the questions, my fellow experts will most certainly answer the rest.

1. Setting up Active Directory in just a couple of clicks, without having a decent understanding of what you're doing could be tricky, if not dangerous. However...
Every department would see other PCs from the same department : yes, no problem, by defining OUs.
Share printers : no problem, publish them in AD, with the proper permissions
Shared folder : Classic scheme, with NTFS permissions
Privileges : same

You may want to check Daniel Petri's site :

Many things are well explained, and you'll also find a ton of screenshots.

2. The best way is to set up ISA server. Problem : you don't want to setup ISA server on a domain controller.

4. No problem, you can use the remote desktop feature and define proper permissions to only allow admins to have remote control.

6. Yes. I would add a couple of things : having only one DC is quite dangerous, and at least you should add RAID / hotplug capabilities.

7. No it doesn't. You have to install Exchange Server. Tricky mission too...



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MISAuthor Commented:
Well, considering no one else has responded (wonder why), and that that website was quite helpful.
I thank you for your time and help.
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