Cannot delete shortcut (.LNK file) from Desktop with standard NT command

I have a shortcut here:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Acronis True Image.lnk

Can you believe none of these commands work...

DEL "%UserProfile%\Desktop\Acronis True Image.lnk" /i /s /e /r /v /k /f /c /h /y
DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\Desktop\Acronis True Image.lnk" /i /s /e /r /v /k /f /c /h /y
DEL "%Systemdrive%\Documents and settings\Administrator\Desktop\Acronis True Image.lnk" /i /s /e /r /v /k /f /c /h /y
DEL "C:\Documents and settings\Administrator\Desktop\Acronis True Image.lnk" /i /s /e /r /v /k /f /c /h /y

Let me know another command, and I will add it to the list! As soon as it does delete
then, I know its the last DEL command I used.

This file does not reside on ANY other users Desktop apart from Administrator
which of course, I am logged in as - it is the only acount on the system. This
command ALWAYS works with any other LNK file.

My only thought was that Acronis re-creates the shortcut again because
it thinks malware is trying to delete it on the command line? WHAT?!
Why have a command line then if software programs can override it?

It is not because the icon is there it is because I wanna understand
whats so special about THIS one LNK file? Yes it is an LNK file, I have
checked inside WinRAR and ERD Commander the extension is certainly
LNK. Its Acronis True Image v9.0. Ive searched but, nothing.
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Check out the following sites, They may give u a list of commands:
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
What you might want to do is restart the computer in safemode and then try deleting the file that way.

Hope this helps
"Delete in Safe Mode" - AND - reset your System Restore Point.
If it is getting created by another program safe mode may work till the next normal logon.
Use lavasoft ad-Aware or spybot s&d, maybe even both to find and disable any adware you may have and then delete the link.

Best wishes!
Greetings, EE33 !

Make sure Acronis program is not running in the background and creating the shortcut.

Use Killbox or Unlocker in Safe Mode to remove hard to remove file.

Killbox to remove stuborn files

Best wishes!
EE33Author Commented:
Come to think of it, yes, of course, Trueimage.exe is in the background, hmmmm.....

Let me just have another go, I can kill that with a command then
delete the icon in the one script, hopefully, if its not that creating
it again or protecting it then I dunno what could possibly be!
EE33Author Commented:
Just tried it, not making any difference after
stopping the process "TrueImageMonitor.exe"

Still the icon is there.

I can just delete this myself, of course, thats not
the point! The point is - why, considering the
extension is .LNK, can't I delete it?

I even tried:

Acronis True Image.*

To delete it no matter what the extension and, nope.

It seems Acronis know something we don't?!
See if the file is right protected. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties. Unselect "Read Only" and "System".
You could use "move on boot" as referenced here

But if something is really putting it back, that won't stop it.
Download the Unlocker Utility here:

Install it (after checking for viruses of course), then right-click on the link and click on Unlock. See what it turns up.

If that doesn't work, may I suggest using a live-Linux CD and deleting from there?
EE33Author Commented:
I can't use thid party apps.

I figured it out, after about a week of trying!


THIS works! Its an the command line too.

If I solved this myself what happens with the points?
I am "an expert" and didn't lose the points, so, do
You may want to post a 0-point note in Community Support board with a link to this page to close this question and get your points back. Community Support board link is at the top right of the page.
EE33Author Commented:
"get your points back."

But thats my point, I never "lost" points,
being an "expert".
PAQed with points refunded (500)

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