Transparent Video With Final Cut Pro

Experts, I am attempting to use a transparent QuickTime file inside flash. I have shot the video using a green screen and keyed it in Final Cut Pro. I now need to export it maintaining the transparent background into Flash.

Does anyone have final cut pro and knows if this is possible or not? If not, are there other alternatives for me to try? I have used Flash a bit before, but this is my first time integrating QuickTime w/ a transparency into Flash.

I have Flash 8 and Final Cut 5 (The lastest one)

Thanks again for your help!

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Never used Final Cut but when you're saving/exporting there should be several dropdowns to choose different saving/exporting options.  Look for a setting that says something along the lines of :

Include Alpha Channel
With Alpha Channel
Save transparency

Or something like that.

The format also needs to support alpha channels.  I know AVI does, not sure about other QT supported formats?

It is great that this topic has been brought up.  I just signed up to this site ask pretty much the same qeustion.  Myself and a few other classmates are looking to do something on those lines for one of our final projects in school.. I actually have found a website that demonstrates what I'm looking for and I'm sure that clickclickbang is looking for as well.  I have included a link to the site and any input will be greatly appreciated by myself and others.


Once there, click on Campus Explorer from the menu on the left.  A gentlemen should show up and tell you a little about the School.  This is something that I'm trying to do, with the video being transparent.
Aneesh ChopraCommented:
I have replied for a similar question here....
check if it helps you


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clickclickbangAuthor Commented:
Thanks Aneesh and Sam, I couldn't get the transparency to work in Final Cut, but gave up only after a few tries. I was able to get a luma key to export using a tutorial I stumbed across in Adobe Premier
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