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User Rights

kissmecat asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-13
Im a novice at macs and i have a G4 running panther. I have created 2 users and limited the second one for general users and created an admin for myself. I limited some programs but since i have a second hard drive for storage the user account that is limited cannot access then. THey dont have the permission to. How do I alow them to use the files on the second hard drive.
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Can you detail what limites you've placed on the second user?




Just a couple of programs. But that has nothing to do with the second drive because the second drive only contains data.
Not that it's something that I recommend in general, but if you Get Info on the second HD (click on it, then choose Get Info from the File menu in the Finder, or Command-I) and tick the "Ignore ownership on this volume" tickbox (if it isn't already ticked), does that improve things?

You could change the Ownership and Permissions to allow all users read and write access to the drive from the Get Info window as well - Mac OS X's default behaviour is to only allow read and write access to the user who created the folder, so any folders you create in the second HD you would have to change their privileges as well to allow the second user to use them.

The ignore checkbox above should mean any user can read an write to any part of the second HD and you would therefore not have to set individual privileges (but of course, you lose the ability to lock them out of area of that HD then, as well).

Hope that's of use



Im going to give it a try. I just dont understand why the second hard drive... which has no os on it ... would have premission problems. THe only HD that was changed was the primary one. the OS ws re-installed and the software was reloaded but the second HD (we call it the storage HD) was not touched. All it contains is fonts and image files. Is there any light u can shed on this?
Owen RubinConsultant

All files in Mac OS-X are controled by the Unix permission.
A few things to look at:
1). Get Info on the drive and open the Ownership & Permissions. See who owns it.
2). See what READ/WRITE privs are set.
repeat for folders and files on that drive that give you access problems.

One way to allow the second user access to the drive is to let the second user own the drive (Owner) and put the GROUP owenr as you. Since you are an admin, you can get access, and since your group owns the files, you canb also get access.
Since the other user will "own" the files, they too can get access. I have not tried this, but it should work.

Remember when you set priviliges and ownership, give the GROUP the right to read (and write if you wish) files.

Any files you set this way should work for both. You can also set files that ONLY you can see.

Let me know if this does what you want.
Owen RubinConsultant

Correction: Above it should say let the other user own the files on the second drive, not own the drive.
As orrubin says, all Mac OS X looks at the ownership and privs/permissions.

I think ignoring privileges will be easier, as the default umask on OS X will mean any folder created by a user will not allow read _and_ write privileges to other users or groups.


Owen RubinConsultant

Sean, I would agree if there was not a need to do any restrictions. However, just by the fact that the original post said they wanted some restricitons on one user tells me that perhaps some rerstricitons on the second drive MAY be wanted later, so I suggested the setting privs route.

Either will accomplish the goal, I agree.

I read the limits part of the original question to relate to things like program access and interpreted the stuff about the external drive as needing access to all the files (fonts and image files, apparently) on it.

I agree that setting the privs would achieve what the user wants, but that might need ongoing maintenance (because of the umask issue I mentioned) - depends on whether the user needs any level of lockdown on the external or full access for all users.

This post isn't to "argue my point", so I hope it doesn't seem argumentative. I'm just hoping discussion will help the original poster to decide which way he/she wants to proceed.




I did go into get info and changed the permission to read and write.. and added my second user as part of the group and I made the root the owner. I know I didnt quite follow the instructions but I while I was in there I wanted to see what I could do. I did try to open the folder that had the big red X on it before but now its just faded out. I can access it as the user but it asks me to authenticate myself , after selecting authenticate it lets me work with the files. I'm going to back into it today and set the correct way. I'll keep you posted.

Oh, and yes I do want to allow the user full access to the storage drive. Since they are primary accessing (reading) and saving (writing) they have to be able to have right, but as far as the primary Drive... I want that one to have limitations. Simple things like no chatting, installing, modifing folders, and things of that such.


Ok i made the user the owner and the admin as part of the group but I still cant save to the HD. The save button is greyed out. Yes setting the HD without permissions works but thats not the safest solution. I remember once seeing something about doind a full permission check of the HD... can that help me at all/?? and if so how do I accomplish this?
Given what you said, I am going to agree with Sean and suggest just turning off privs on that drive to make it easy. BUT, if you want control...

For the record, I am not sure why the above did not work, but I would have to see it to understand the issue.

By the way, you can change the owner and gorup, but remember to give the proper priveliges to each as well or little changes.

So humor me if you will: Right Click and get info on the drive. Click the small triangle next to the "Ownership & Permissions" if not expanded already. Click the triangle next to "Details" to open it as well. This will list all three prvs.

Next to  Owner is the name you choose, but under that name on Access does it say READ & WRITE? If not, then the Owner cannot write.

Next to Group you set the name as well, but does the Access say Read & Write as well. Same issue. You may not be abe to change that yet, read on.

Since you want everyone to be able to read and write the drive, you could also just set "Others" to Read & Write and everyone can get to the drive. Again, you may not be able to change it yet.

Do not forget to perss "Apply to enclosed items" to make the entire drive that way if you want them all that way.

Remember you do not have to do this and can set individual folders as well, which would like each user have private files on the drive, but means you need to set each folder at a time.

A few notes: IF you cannot change the Access, you may have to set yourself as the Owner of the drive first to be able to change the Access on the Group and Others. Click the little yellow lock next to Owner IF it is locked and you cannot get access to the access pop-up, authorize yourself, and then make the changes to Group and Others. Before you close, change the owner back to what it was and lock it again. Now apply to all, (if you wish) and close it. That should work.

If this is confusing, let me know and I will add more detail.

good luck

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Ok I think it may have worked.. Yes I had the admin as read and write and the owner, Then my user as group with read and write, and other as Read and write. I also clicked on apply to enclosed items. I think it maybe be working now.. I just have to let my user test saving and overwritting files and all should be well! :-) Hopefully the tests will go well.
One test is to get a user to create a new folder, put something in it, then see if the other user can place items in that folder or overwrite/delete the item placed in there. This is the most common place for these sorts of set permissions to fall over, as the default for a new folder is for the creator of a folder to be made the owner with read and write access, while the group and others to get read only access, no matter what the privileges of the folder the new folder is created in.


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