Domain Controller Denying Access to our Macs

I just upgraded a Windows 2003 (R2) server to a domain controller. Everything is working fine except our two Macintosh machines (OS 10.3) cannot access their file share anymore. PC's can access this file share just fine. The same users that work on the Macs can use a PC to access the folder, and that also works. The console error I get on the MAC is

"mount_smbfs: tree connect phase failed: syserr = Permission denied
mount_smbfs: main(lookup): bad keychain entry"

Again, this was working just fine before we promoted this server to a domain controller.
Any ideas anyone? Any help would be appreciated!
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My apologies for not catching the jest of the situation. I thought you added a Domain Controller vs. you were on a workgroup prior. You just meant you have an existing non-DC you upgraded to be a DC......... that mac's can't get to shares. Sorry.

When I have had this ocurr with other servers all of a sudden loosing permissions to a Share it has been a broken secure link between them and the domain.....removing them from the domain and then re-adding fixed it. This may not even be the issue, but if that Secure Channel is gone that is the only way to correct. Just something to try that can't hurt anything but a loss of time to try it.

THis may or may not help you, but looks like you.
click on the the first section link "Active Directory Introduction"
Hopefully not a waste of your time, but a great resource for Mac Authentication on AD networks.
mckeoughAuthor Commented:
Sorry, that doesn't help. We need to figure out why we're being denied permission even though we just created another MAC share, made sure the Macs were bound to the domain, etc...
mckeoughAuthor Commented:
Thanks! That worked!
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