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DNS Event ID 3000 and 9999


We have a Win2k SP4 DC that is logging many, many DNS events for (mostly) event id 3000 and (sometimes) 9999.  It's being logged as a warning message.  Here is the text:

Event ID 3000
The DNS server is logging numerous run-time events.  For information about these events, see previous DNS Server event log entries.  To prevent the DNS Server from clogging server logs, further logging of this event and other events with higher Event IDs will now be suppressed.

Event ID 9999
The DNS server has encountered numerous run-time events.  These are usually caused by the reception of bad or unexpected packets, or from problems with or excessive replication traffic.  The data is the number of suppressed events encountered in the last 15 minute interval.

I looked under support.microsoft.com and they don't have anything useful to say in terms of how to troubleshoot it.  Of course if there was any config issue that I could change to prevent this warning message from coming up, I would be glad to, but so far no clues as to what might be causing it.  If anyone has access to EventID.com, that would be great.  I don't have a subscription.

Kirk Bostwick

1 Solution
According to this, those events are unimportant and caused by normal zone transfers


Here's the eventid.net info; no subscription is required, but it's not much use

kbostwickAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much!
I had the same problem on one of my DNS servers in my domain. The DNS zones (forward & reverse) on the affected server were set to allow zone transfer to other DNS servers (listed in Name Servers tab) on request. But all DNS zones on all DNS servers in my domain are primary-active directory integrated zones so zone transfer is unnecessary. After I disallow zone transfer on the DNS, no more warning events (9999 & 3000) appeared in eventlog.

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