No domain server was able to validate your password.

Hi Experts,

We currently have 4 Windows 2000 Servers
1 2k AD Server
1 NT App Server
3 2k App Servers
2 Switches 100  / 1gb

On Friday, I enabled the secondary NIC card within each server.  I did this so that the backup process can run on a f 1gb switch.  The secondary NIC card of each server was configured and plugged in on a seperate switch.

On Saturday, I received calls from end users who are using Windows 95 that they are receiving:
No domain server was able to validate your password.." when trying to log in via Windows 95 workstation.

Assuming that I may have done something wrong on Friday, I disabled the secondary NIC of the AD Server this moring.  Now the users appear that they can log in again.

I had no calls relating to Windows XP workstations.  Can anyone offer assistance on why Windows 95 workstations have this issue?  I think having the secondary NIC card enabled caused my problems.  Did I not setup the secondary NIC card correctly.  

Primary Network

Secondary Network

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.
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My first guess would be because 95 doesnt use DNS for name uses netbios/WINS. So when you enabled the second nic it registered that nic with WINS for the name the other nic was using. Try enabing the second nic but disabling netbios on it.

Perhaps it is time to upgrade your 95 machines. Not only because it is 10 years old...but because MS doesn't support it anymore and you can't get security fixes.
byd2kAuthor Commented:
Hi Jar,

I hope to have all thw workstations upgraded by next month.  It's been a battle with these older wolrkstations...

Thanks for the advice.  I'll give this a try and let you know what happens.

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