What is the average or typical heat in btu's put out by a 3/4 full 84" rack?

My company is moving to a custom built office.  I was asked to figure out in BTU's, what kind of heat each rack would put out, or a pretty close guess, for cooling purposes.  Our 5 racks (enclosed) are 3/4 full now, with 1u servers, and a 3com switch, along with a couple of 16 disk arrays.  The booklet that came with the server says it puts out about 1372 BTU an hour.  We will probably be adding more servers later.  So, I am guessing 40, 000 btu per hour, per rack(27 servers, and switches, ups, etc.).  That just doesn't sound right, does it? I am guessing the 1372 is server at full load?  That just sounds awful high.  In 6 yrs in IT, sadly, this is the first time I have been asked this.  
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1372 BTU equals 402 watts/hour, which is a pretty reasonable power consumption if it's running at full load.  All the elctricity consumed has to turn up somewhere, and in this case it is in the form of heat.  You can check each server for their rated power consumption, but actual use will be much less (you never run a computer at the maximum power supply rating), and a tool like a Kill-A-Watt device will tell you what it is actually using.

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We use the 1-ton of cooling per rack in our data center...just as a generelized rule of thumb...  

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that said; you should probaly use callandor's... o.O

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