Installing VB 6.0 Over VS2005/VSS 2005

Didnt know where to put this - so here:

Hello - for this case I am primarily an ASP.NET programmer with Visual Studio2005/VSS 2005/ SQL 2005 installed.
A situation came up where a client wants an application done in VB 6.0.

Several questions about this.
1) Path of least resistance: Is it possabel to to VB Application Development in VS2005  - WITHOUT using the .NET framework?
2) Application Installation Musical Chairs- Installing VB 6.0 from the msdn download seems to be locking up. I speculate it is because VS2005 is already installed.
Do I need to uninstall VS 2005 and then install VS 6.0 and _THEN_ re-install VS 2005?

Are there any known issues with either of these approaches? Or a better way to do it?
I am limited to one dev. box, and dual booting isnt an option due to space. One box, one boot OS.

Any suggestions?
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Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
You can't do VB6 development from VS2005.

The two can coexist side by side without any conflicts.  In fact, I have VB6, VB.Net 2003 and VB.Net 2005 on my system with no problems.  Though I installed them in that order...

They all use independent libraries (the VB6 runtime, .Net 1.1 and .Net 2.0) which supposedly do not interfere with each other.

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