Error when trying to preview page in a browser -

I get a "page not found" error when i try to display a page in IE that i am developing in Domino Designer.  This is the url that IE it is trying to open:

now that just doesnt look right...

sometimes i get this error when trying to preview a page in IE:  (different app)

'The database is not in your directory and cannot be previewed.'

Whats the deal with these errors?
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Where does the web browser reside that you're trying to use?  If you're trying to look at it with a browser on your PC and the server is on a different machine, this won't work.

You're referencing "localhost," which is the local machine.  Try http://yourserversinternetnamehere/Proposed.nsf/Title?OpenForm to make it work.
TheRookie32Author Commented:
the form i am trying to look at is on my local machine so localhost is correct...  the browser resides on my machine as well.
I would put in a proper directory for the file, since the way it is now, I do njot think it can be resolved.

Is the file in your Notes directory, in c:\ ?
localhost does not resolve to a directory, you need more info in the URL.

I hope this helps !
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TheRookie32Author Commented:
its in notes\data on the h drive which is on a network that i was told to put my stuff on... i have tried to open it with the path to it but that doesnt work either
have you tried opening other databases in the same directory on the server?  is the problem unique to this db?

TheRookie32Author Commented:
not unique to this database... i cant seem to open any of them in a browser without getting one of the errors i listed in my first post.
Do you have any other server running, i mean sometimes if IIS is running then localhost will not work with lotus notes


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Have you tried changing your Notes data directory to be on your c: drive instead of the network drive?
TheRookie32Author Commented:
I have created databases on the c drive and attempted to open pages or forms etc in IE and they havent worked...
Hi TheRookie32,
The reference is correct, if you have iis or personal web browser running, you need to stop it.  (Adminstration tools>>Internet Information Services)
If you have spaces in names, then these are usually filled with %20.  

I run view/preview in browser from mail file, open documents and from designer all the time.  Default ACL access for testing in browser needs to be anonymous = author or better, and there needs to be one default view, one default form with no access restrictions.

Now, I think the only way that "Localhost" resolves is if iis is installed, or (try, and this is a real old solution) open your location document, click on Proxy, leave everything pointing to 8080, but add "localhost" in the "No proxy for these domains".

If you're working on a network computer and you have "proxy" set in your internet connection configuration, then add "localhost" to that, too.

Can't hurt to try!

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
1) Indeed, you'd have to stop IIS, depending on your O/S...
2) Verify that NHTTP is running as one of your processes
3) Your firewall might block the use of NHTTP (very unlikely)
4) There might be some other process on your system that has attached to port 80; you could try "telnet localhost 80" to see who's there

The name "localhost" is normally pre-defined in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and is therefore always resolved.
TheRookie32Author Commented:
NHTTP is not running as one of my processes...

it is working again for some reason and the only thing i can point to is that i stopped IIS...  :$
YOu can try changing the port of IIS server . I think it's in the website properties. Try changing the port and access it like


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