FTP error: connection with the server was reset

We are running Windows 2003 server as a FTP server (no ISA). It worked for last year. Recently, we got many users and clients reports saying they receive “FTP Folder Error – An error occurred opening that folder on the FTP server. Make sure you have permission to access that folder – The connection with the server was reset”. The Event Viewer lists ID 1- User administrator at host x.x.x.x has timed-out after 120 seconds of inactivity.

The solution we have is using active FTP instead of passive (details here http://www.chicagotech.net/troubleshooting/eventid10.htm )

We have tried to re-configure the router (Cisco 830 and also tried D-Link DI-704P) and open more ports like 20, 1034 or higher. We also tried to remove the router from the picture and use the Windows 2003 connecting to the Internet directly with firewall for the test. But still get the same issue. I think it may be Windows AutoUpdate installed some security patch. Does any one know how to fix this issue on the server?
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Was your FTP server working earlier without the firewall?Are you gettting it connected intially and after sometime gettign disconnected?
Are all the users gettign the same error?
In IIS there is a setting called Connection Timeouts.

You can know abt IIS ftp form the following link

have  you tried to do FTP with any other FTP client other than IE?

After you changed the serttings from passive to active have  you restarted the server? and make sure that the ports tcp20/21 are open
smith9069Author Commented:
Thank you for the help.

1. The FTP server worked for over one year and it is behind a Cisco router.
2. Without the Cisco router and connect the server to the Internet directly, still the same problem.
3. Accessing  the FTP from the server self gets the same problem. The error are: "An error occurred opening that FTP server... Details: 200 type set to A. 227 Entering Passive Mode (172, 16 5, 2, 4, 250). 426 Connection closed; transfer aborted."
4. I have double the connection timeout, same problem.
5. All FTP clients we are using have the same issue. for example, from Microsoft IE, we must uncheck the Passive FTP to access the FTP. If using the cyberduck, you must select active instead of passive. Basically, you need to use active instead of passive.
6. Yes, both 20 and 21 ports are open.

Any other suggestions?
Do you have any other firewall on windows 2003. like ICF ? have u checked FTP with any  other ports other than 21?
Have you  tried this one
start > control panel > internet options > advanced > and check the box beside 'Enable folder views of FTP sites'
start > control panel > internet options > advanced > and unchecked the box beside "USE Passive FTP

are you getting the same error when you tries from the command prompt?

Try this one also
From "My Network Places", I clicked "Add Network Place" and then I enter the ftp URL in the subsequent dialog. After then check it


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