Monitoring Citric License Use

Is there a way to monitor what my peak Citrix license usage is?  I checked under Perfmon but nothing.  I am trying to evaluate if I have enough, too many, or too few licenses.  Thanks in advance for any help.
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This Citrix KB Article has a solution that I have tested before.

Use task scheduler to schedule the script at a regular interval over a period of time to get the information.
dquillenAuthor Commented:
Sorry, should have included this information in previous post.  Windows 2000 Server running Citrix XPa FR3.
According to the link below, you should find items like this in Perfmon:

Object:       Citrix Secure Gateway
Counter:       Active Session Count
Explained:    The number of concurrent ICA connections being handled by this service.
dquillenAuthor Commented:
Not using Secure Gateway unfortunatly.  There is a similar counter under Terminal Services, and that may be the best I can do.
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