Is it the backplane?

A PowerEdge 2400 has run for years with 3 SCSI drives in slots #0, 1, & 2. Today, 3 additional drives were added in slots #3, 4, & 5, all 18GB 10rpm drives, identical to one of the existing drives.

On boot-up it began experiencing problems

With a full complement of 6 SCSI drives, only 2 drives are being recognized: the drive in SCSI slot #0 and slot #5. Whats more, the drive in SCSI slot #0 shows up as SCSI ID #8, where in the past it has always been SCSI ID #0.

I have moved the drives around to verify that they are working, and it appears that the problem is NOT the drives. They all work and are recognized for what they are when placed in a functioning SCSI slot.

I have tried placing just 1 or 2 drives in at a time, in varying slots, with the same results.

Does this indicate that the backplane is fried?
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It does appear that your backplane has gone bad. But just to make sure (becuase there is a possibility it could be the controller) Try attaching the backplane to a different scsi controller, the system has 2 built in the 7880 and the 7890, the 7880 is what the scsi cdrom is plugged into, and the 7890 is what the backplane would be plugged into if your not using a pci scsi controller. If you are using a pci raid controller plug the drives into the 7890, if your using the 7890 and dont have a pci scsi card then unplug the cdrom and plug the backplane into the 7880. If it displays the same issue oin another controller, bad backplane, if it works fine, bad controller.

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westoneAuthor Commented:
Ahh, thanks for that most useful tip. I'm out of the office for today. Will give it a shot tomorrow and report back the results.
westoneAuthor Commented:
I forgot to ask: Any idea why plugging in 3 additional drives would have triggered, or possibly caused, a failure such as this.
westoneAuthor Commented:
On this unit, the CD-ROM SCSI and the Backplane SCSI are 2 different formats. However, while I was in there I pulled the backplane, and easily spotted 2 visibly damaged chips on the board that still smelled of ozone. So  it appears to be the backplane.
Thanks for the suggestion.
No problem
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